I’m a strong believer in unilateral or single leg strength exercises. I always have them programmed into my personal workout plan as well as my clients that I train. Step ups, Lunges, Split squats with feet elevated, Single leg Romanian Deadlifts are some single leg exercises that can be very challenging, but offer great results! Here are some of the benefits you get from single leg training:

  • Helps prevent injury by developing the stabilizers and small muscle groups that you can’t hit with standard two legged exercises.
  • More muscle growth and strength as it engages more muscles.
  • It can be more functional as it balances strength so you can sprint, change direction and produce force equally on both sides of your body.
  • Less loading of your spine if you are somebody who has back issues.

Start incorporating single leg work in your workout plan today and reap all the benefits as well as developing a bullet proof lower body.

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