Before I start my workouts I always like to have a good thorough warm up which will help to increase blood flow to the muscles, recruit more muscle fibers and raise the body’s core temperature. The warm up will consist of some mobility and activation work which addresses some of the problematic areas of the body such as the ankle, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders. Dynamic movement drills like for example carioca, high knee skips as well as foam rolling/soft tissue work to loosen muscle fascia and get rid of any knots in the muscle. I normally foam roll each muscle group for around 15-30 sec. So a step by step process in order will look like this:

    • Foam roll to loosen the muscle fascia and to get rid of any knots in the muscle.
    • Mobility and activation work to help increase range of motion
    • Dynamic movement drills

This type of warm up procedure is what I typically do with my clients. In all the warm up can take around 10min, but it’s a warm up guaranteed to get you fired up and ready for your workout a lot more effectively than you just jumping on the elliptical/treadmill for 5mins and then doing a few arm swings.

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