Katie Working Out“I have seen results training with Robert Gordon that exceeded my goals and expectations. Over the years, I have trained with several different trainers, but none have helped me achieve the results I have in the past year working with Robert. He has also helped me with some work-related injuries without taking away from my workout. I could not be happier with the training I get from Robert.”
Katie M.

Garfield Working Out“I’ve used a couple of trainers before working with Robert.  He was by far one of the most knowledgeable.  He was excellent in working with me around some physical challenges I’ve had due to past injuries.  His calm, almost professorial approach and manner was a change of pace from other trainers – and a welcomed one at that!  But don’t let the calm exterior fool you.  Robert put me through some of the most physically demanding workouts I’ve ever had.  And I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.  I can absolutely recommend him without reservation!!!”
Garfield T.

Nina Working Out“I’ve been training with Robert for about 6 months. Robert has been helping me work toward my goal of becoming faster, stronger, and more agile to improve my abilities in soccer, which I love to play! He has developed a program that fits my schedule and includes a variety of equipment and exercises, so the workouts are never boring. He has a gentle manner which makes it very pleasant to work with him and keeps me coming back!”
Nina C.

Gwen Working Out“I met Robert after several unsuccessful attempts to work towards a healthier and more fit existence.  My experience with other Personal Trainers was that they were more interested in helping those who looked as though they didn’t need help rather than folks like me. 

I decided to have one more go at it with Robert.  One of the first questions he asked me what my goals were and said that his goal was to help me achieve them!  After 8 months working with Robert, I am stronger, I have better balance and I’ve even lost some weight and inches!  Robert is gentle and kind but persistent.  He has motivated me to go far above and beyond what I thought that I was capable of.  I am a senior citizen who has found that Robert has the patience and knowledge to work within one’s capabilities to achieve maximum results.”

Gwen E.

Matt Working Out“I have been working out with Robert for about a year and a half, about twice a week. In that time I have lost 30 pounds and at least doubled my body strength. I had never really lifted before, and am now dead-lifting with 250 pounds, and have remarkable core strength. More important, Robert helped motivate me to start training for a triathlon, which I haven’t done in 20 years. Robert has a low key and gentle style, but gets you pushing yourself well beyond what you thought you could do. I could not recommend him more highly. And my wife feels the same way.”
Matt A.

Gretchen Working Out“I have been a client of Robert’s for the past six months and am seeing amazing changes to my body as well as my outlook on life. I had been an avid runner for many years but got away from exercise due to job stress and increased work responsibilities. As a result, I gained weight, felt tired and down mentally, and was having a hard time not getting injured each time I tried to get back to the gym and to running. Robert assessed my needs and his method of combining core conditioning, strength training, and stretching is helping me become the fit, flexible, and strong woman that I want to be! In our first session, he said that focusing on core strength would help me get back to running and to be able do push-ups, which I never had been able to do before. And now six months later, I can do both! Robert is genuinely a kind person and he keeps you moving and on track in every session. He’s fantastic and you won’t be disappointed training with him.”

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