Fitness Tip:

Keep track of your training and progress with a journal/diary. Writing it down is a great way to know that you are moving forward.Whether you are trying to gain more strength in the weight room,or trying to get a faster running time or whatever your personal goal may be.Just writing it down will make you see if you have improved since last week or even last month. Also, having a plan of your workout session written down so you know what you are doing on your training day is better than just going to the gym and doing random exercises. I myself have been using a training journal for
some years now. I’m old school! as I like to write things down. I plan and track all my clients training sessions just so we know we are moving forward towards there goal. So do yourself a favor and invest in some simple pieces of equipment pen and a notepad and plan and track your progress in your training sessions.

Fitness Journal

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