Whether it’s using your own body-weight as resistance or actually lifting weights. Here are my top 5 benefits as to why you should start to incorporate strength training. However, there are many more great benefits but I wanted to share my top 5 that will hopefully be enough to convince you to get started TODAY!!

You will gain functional strength

  • You will prepare your body to be better at everything. Whether it be picking your kids up, cleaning your house, carrying your groceries, walking up stairs it will all become easier. Also, as a bonus consistent strength training will actually improve your MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY and BALANCE.
  • You will lose weight and gain a lean, toned body. Muscle is metabolically active. The more muscle you have the more your body will burn calories even when you are resting. It takes more energy for your body to maintain muscles cells than fat cells. Performing resistance training consistently will keep your metabolism boosted so your body will become efficient at burning calories.
  • You will reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Studies have shown that strength training at a moderate intensity can help lower bad cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol levels. Overall boosting heart health. Resistance training will help the way the body processes sugar. It will also help improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control.
  • You will build stronger bones. As you age you lose bone density. Strength training will improve your bone density. It will also help the onset of osteoporosis forming. While strength training your muscles are challenged when pulled on there bone attachments. This then stimulates bone formation. To reap the benefits of this you will need to be using challenging weights or performing bodyweight exercises that cause your muscles to fatigue. I recommend at least two to three times a week of strength training to help build bone mass.
  • You will improve your overall mood and handle stress better. All forms of exercise including strength training have been shown to increase endorphins which is a hormone that makes you FEEL GOOD! Strength training will lower your tension and anxiety. So having a good workout can be a great way to de-stress. I have read some research that weight training can actually help beat depression.

Strength training is truly one of the best forms of exercise any human can do to improve the body, mind, and just overall health and longevity. Please share tag a friend/ colleague/spouse/partner who you think this post might benefit.

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