Performing exercises from a half kneeling position is a great way to improve on core stability and control. The set up is to Keep a strict form with both front and back legs positioned at a 90 degree angle,ribs down and pelvis rolled under into a neutral position with your core engaged. Various exercises like overhead pressing with a kettlebell like what I'm doing in the video, Cable rows,cable chops and medicine ball throws just to name a few are great exercises that challenge your stability and strength. Once you have mastered that position, you can challenge your self even more by bringing your legs more in line with each other which will now narrow your base of support. Half kneeling is a position I use a lot with clients and in my own workout plans. Core stability is a must, no matter what your goal is! #halfkneeling #core #abs #kettlebells #functional #strong #leanmuscle #personaltrainer #dmv #tenleytown #athletics #lunge #healthandfitness #strength #splitsquats

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Half kneeling is an effective position that I have been using with clients to improve on core stability and control.

Often I meet clients that present themselves with a posture in which their ribs are flared, back is excessively arched, and the pelvis tipped in a downward position (anterior tilt). This leaves the diaphragm and pelvic floor in a position where they are no longer in alignment with each other as they normally would. As a result, the client is no longer able to gain full stability of their core/trunk.

The goal is to get their ribs down and pelvis up in a neutral position. One effective way of doing that is by getting in a half kneeling position, which teaches a client to align the rib cage and pelvis more easily than it would if they were standing.

To accomplish this I will cue and position the clients front and back legs to a 90 degree angle. Then to get the ribs down I would get them to breathe in through their nose then exhale forcefully through their mouth. I normally would do 1 or 2 breaths like this just until the lower ribs get into a better position. After that I get the client to roll their pelvis underneath them just to a neutral position as well as engage their glutes. This is now the best position to stabilize your core and learn how to effectively engage your abs.

Clients will then perform exercises from this position to challenge stability and strength for example overhead pressing with the kettlebell/dumbbells which is what I’m demonstrating in the video. In addition to cable rows, cable chops, medicine ball throws and various others. While ensuring the client is keeping a strong firm position at their trunk and hips.

To make this position more challenging I instruct clients to bring their front leg closer to the mid line of their body, which will narrow the base of support. A client can also progress to a tall kneeling/both knees down position.

Core stability is a must, no matter what your goal is!

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