Eggs are a good healthy food, that are not too expensive and have a high nutritional value.They are an excellent quality source of protein. also rich in vitamin D as well as B5 and B6 which have been known to balance hormone levels and ease stress.They
contain the right amount of healthy fats to.Eggs can also help with weight loss,due to its content of B12 a vitamin which studies have shown necessary for breaking down fat. According to another study on obesity eating at least 2 medium size eggs a day for breakfast can actually help you lose weight.When purchasing eggs try to go for organic,cage free or free range.

STOP! eating those high content sugary cereals, muffins, and pastries for breakfast. Start eating eggs today as it will help you stay fuller for longer and help melt away fat and reveal a leaner you. I eat eggs at least 5-6 days out the  week as it is one of my major sources of protein.



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