Belive it or not this simple lunch meal averages roughly around 300 calories. 18g protein, 11g fat and 40g carbs. I must say it’s one of my quick go to meals that’s also very satisfying. The thing that makes it satisfying though is the nutrients within the meal. Great source of protein and healthy fats from the sardines. Excellent source of carbohydrates including fiber and vitamin C from the stokes purple sweet potato. The Cauliflower also has great health benefits as well as being a good source of vitamin A. If you were wondering the purple colors from these foods are not dyed or painted😄 Anthocyanins are pigments responsible for these dark purple colors that you also see in grapes and berries. They are also considered a powerful antioxidant. Having your diet rich in antioxidant foods will go along way as the health benefits are amazing. Cancer prevention, reduce chronic inflammation, weight loss, prevent diabetes as well as slow down your aging process. Which can help your skin look healthy and vibrant😊. There are many more great benefits…

The point I wanna make here is if you are counting calories you wanna use them wisely. Try to incorporate meals with foods rich in nutrients that support your body. Give you sustained energy and will improve your overall health. Breakfast and lunch especially can be crucial times of the day where you need to stay focused in order to have a productive day. Do some research on meal ideas of foods rich in nutrients that you can also prepare in little time and take with you to work. Doing this will prevent you from eating out at lunch and making a bad choice as you look for that quick option that has you feeling hungry again after 60min or on the other hand have you feeling lethargic😞

If you wanna improve your nutrition, overall health as well as your fitness in a more sustainable way. Send me a message or comment below. I would be more than happy to help you get to where you wanna be so you can have the best year yet!!

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