If you are about to start a strength training program with a goal of getting strong, the one exercise you want to make sure you include in that plan is the Deadlift. Personally, I would say the deadlift is the king of all strength exercises and definitely my favorite. Whether it be Sumo (wide stance) or the traditional stance or even the trap bar deadlift, all variations serve a great purpose. In  the video I was performing my personal best which was my 1 rep max 217kgs/ 477lbs on a raw deadlift, which meant  no belt or lifting straps. Which I was more than happy with my end result. I completed this while finishing phase 4 of Eric Cressey’s High Performance Handbook which is a excellent resource. As a Personal Trainer I’m constantly reading, learning and expanding my knowledge base. I like to learn from the best strength coaches out there and Eric Cressey is one of them. My personal goal with this particular  training plan was to get as strong as I could without using any lifting aids like belts/straps etc.

Some of the benefits you get from this one exercise:

  • Strengthening of the muscles of your posterior chain/ backside of your body which would include your glutes,hamstrings,calves, lower back, spinal erectors, trapezius and also your forearms and core.
  • Increased grip strength
  • Increase in testosterone and growth hormone release, Which equals more overall muscle mass.
  • Great functional exercise with real world application

Remember, it’s crucial to keep good form and technique when practicing the deadlift to prevent injury. If you have never or don’t know how to perform a deadlift I would highly recommend seeking a professional.

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