Broccoli Fritters

Broccoli Fritters Meal

My wife and I have been experimenting a bit with some Paleo dishes of recently as I’m always up for cooking and trying something new. I love broccoli and rather than just steaming the whole amount I thought you know what…I’m gonna have a look online for a quick and easy recipe for broccoli! That’s when I came across broccoli fritters by Juli Bauer of I made this for dinner yesterday and we both enjoyed it. I actually made them pretty big by accident. I topped it off with some grass fed burgers and half an avocado and some baked mushrooms on the side.

The recipe ingredients were pretty easy:

Broccoli stems (I actually used the full head of the broccoli)
2 eggs
sweet onion
Almond flour
Salt and pepper
Optional as I added some mixed seasoning also.
Coconut oil

I recommend trying the recipe if you like to put a bit of a twist on your broccoli. This is the link to the recipe:

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