Band resisted glute bridge is a simple yet effective exercise that primarily targets your gluteal muscles and to a lesser degree your hamstrings. Adding a mini band to the traditional body weight glute bridge exercise is a nice effective progression while still keeping the emphasis on the glutes. Try not to hyperextend your back,which at first can be hard for some. The hips and shoulders should remain in a straight line when you raise your hips. Contract/squeeze your glutes and brace your core before you raise the hips and also at the top hold for a 1 or 2 second count.I like to focus on driving my knees out as I raise my hips as well as trying to keep my feet flat. This is what I use with clients as well as myself as part of a warm up and activation drill to fire up the glutes,especially before training the lower body. Can also be part of a bodyweight circuit. I like high of reps of 12-20 for 2-3 sets.

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