Anti-rotation – Band Resisted Alphabet. A very challenging, yet fun core exercise. You will feel every muscle in your midsection working and even your shoulders. 

Anchoring a band around chest height. Clasping the band with both hands and straight out in front of you. Take a few steps to the side till you feel the tension. Stop and position feet around shoulder width apart to start. Try not to rotate  as the tension from the band will want to pull you towards it. You have to brace your core/trunk and resist as much as possible. From this point draw the alphabet with the band. Honestly this is a lot harder than it looks, if my facial expressions are not enough to convince you. Perform letters A to Z on one side then turn and repeat on the other side.
Perform multiple sets, maybe pair it with a lower body exercise.

Regress/make it less challenging by starting with a lighter band. Progress the exercise by positioning your feet closer together. This exercise will help you develop a strong core and some revealing abs.

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