I’m a big fan of tuna fish. It is one of my quick go to protein sources. But as you know tuna fish can be quite bland on its own and especially when eaten straight out the can. I personally like to add some spice to my tuna. Having moved to the US and adjusting to the changes of not having certain things that you are used to in the UK was not easy. But having searched high and low and experimenting, I managed to find this great addition for my tuna.

Organic Sweet pickle relish by Trader Joe’s

I’ve found to be the best way to give my tuna a bit of spice. One tablespoon of relish and a sprinkling of fresh
ground black peppercorn does the job!

If you are someone who cannot tolerate tuna fish because of the taste or you are looking to give your tuna a bit of kick without excessive calories, I would recommend giving this a try… you might just like it.

Organic Sweet Pickle Relish

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