Turkish Get Up

I know you are probably thinking what the hell is that! For some of you that may have never heard or seen this exercise before, trust me, don’t be fooled by the name. It’s a predominantly kettlebell performed exercise, but also can be done with a dumbbell. It’s an exercise that has been around for many years and will always remain a classic, I say. I have actually been practicing them myself for around 5 years now. For me, it’s one of those foundational exercises that I like to incorporate in my training plan from time to time and also with my clients that I train. It’s a great all in one exercise that will improve your overall athleticism.

Some of the great benefits you will get from this exercise:

  • Core strength
  • Shoulder stability
  • Hip mobility
  • Proprioception and coordination

As it is a total body exercise you will burn a good amount of calories, especially when doing them at high reps. It’s an exercise you need to try.

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