A great way to challenge your upper and lower body as well as your core is using a pair of #valslides or #furnituregliders. I’m actually using some furniture gliders from Home Depot in the video as I find that they slide easily on most gym floors, including the rubbery type. I do actually own a pair of valslides too.

The thing that makes this such a great piece of equipment is that your muscles have to work harder as they are constantly under tension as you push and slide through the exercises.A lot of your stabilizing muscles will come into play through various movements. As well as being able to work on core stability.The other good thing about this piece of exercise equipment is that it is very portable so you can take it with you even when traveling and you don’t need much floor space to have a good workout.

In the one video I’m performing a body saw which is a excellent anti-extension core exercise.
The other video is a nice combination drill that I put together myself of a lateral lunge with a medicine ball slam. You get to work on some single leg frontal/side action, a plane of motion we don’t always work in. As well as some upper body power with the medicine ball slams.

This is just two of many exercise variations using this very effective piece of equipment. Which can be used with all fitness levels whether beginner or advanced.

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