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Meet Robert Gordon, Certified Personal Trainer

Whether your goal is weight loss, strength training, balance and coordination, core strength and posture, or sports specific training, my sincere desire is to help you reach your goal. I am confident that healthy eating is a key component of achieving one’s overall fitness goals. I will encourage you to make a commitment to a lifestyle change and the end result will be, A Healthier Fitter You!

Robert Gordon

“After 8 months working with Robert, I am stronger, I have better balance and I’ve even lost some weight and inches! Robert is gentle and kind but persistent. He has motivated me to go far above and beyond what I thought that I was capable of.”

Gwen E.

“Robert is the best trainer I have ever had because of two fundamental reasons: his impressive knowledge of the anatomy and strength training and his careful awareness of your every move.”

Angela L.

“I have been working out with Robert for about a year and a half, about twice a week. In that time I have lost 30 pounds and at least doubled my body strength. I had never really lifted before, and am now dead-lifting with 250 pounds, and have remarkable core strength.”

Matt A.

testimonial“I have been working with Robert for three years. I really enjoy his approach. I believe that he has supported me to get healthy and fit. His training has been focused and professional. My workouts have been varied and appropriate for my age and strength. He is an excellent listener and understands what my goals are and keeps me focused. He is conscientious of any concerns regarding my health and is flexible about adjusting my workout if I have a concern or injury. He is helpful if I want to talk about diet as well as suggested workouts when I need to travel for work and might miss a workout. He has taught me the proper form and is very attentive throughout the workout to ensure that I am doing it correctly. I have both lost weight and inches and kept it off. My husband also has successfully worked out with Robert and appreciates that Robert is willing to work around his intense travel schedule.”

Cindy M.

Are You Ready to Be a Healthier Fitter You?

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